Prepare for Tomorrow with These Simple Hacks

One of the best kept secrets all successful people know is to always prepare themselves for the next day.

The truth is, if you set yourself up the night before, you’re bound to have a much more successful and productive next day.


In this post, we’ll break down some productivity tips to make your “tomorrow” the most optimal day ahead.

Once you’re done learning the following tips, make sure to put them into practice immediately.

If you’re a visual learner, check the video below from Melissa of Clean My Space. Then, read on to start implementing these productivity hacks.

(video source: 5 Habits to try for a more productive tomorrow)


The Outfit Preparation

One of the first things most people do every morning is pick out what to wear that day.

Often times, this is done when we’re at our worst…

  • Half awake
  • Before we’ve had our coffee
  • Exhausted

And to add insult to injury, the lights are off as we’re making this important decision that will stick with us throughout the day.

Successful people set their outfits up the night before so they can get dressed and move on.

BONUS TIP: Consider the “door hook”

Buy a door hook for your closet door or bedroom door.

Each night, pick out your outfit for the next day, and hang it on this hook.


In the morning, all you have to do is put the cloths on and move along with conquering the day ahead.


The Pre-bed Tidy Preparation

A fantastic ritual to build is a quick “pre-bed tidy” around the house.
All you have to do is go around your house for a few minutes before bed.

A few examples of this might be to…

  • Pick stuff up from the floor and put it where it belongs.
  • Take out any trash or recycling to their appropriate garbage cans
  • Remember to transfer any wet laundry from the washing machine into the dryer

Remember– this is NOT cleaning, it’s just pre-bed tidying up.

A good rule of thumb is; if the task will take more than 5 minutes, don’t do it before bed.

What this does, is take certain little micro tasks off your mind so you can relax easier into sleep.

Plus, in the morning, you won’t be waking up in chaos.
Instead, you’ll wake up to a much tidier space.


The Pre-Meal Preparation

Meal prep is another way that you can save time in the morning by doing it the night before.

You’d be surprised how much time this saves you in the long run.

For example, if you’re a coffee drinker with any sort of coffee machine; look up how to set the built-in timer so the coffee will begin brewing automatically.


This is usually as simple as:

  1. Setting up the timer one time.
  2. Adding the coffee and water to the machine.
  3. Done.

If you prefer freshly ground beans, grind them and put them into the machine before you go to bed.

BONUS TIP: Set the timer to start brewing 5 minutes before your alarm goes off.
The fresh aroma of caffeinated coffee goodness as you enter the kitchen will make you happy you woke up.


You can also pick breakfast items that you can prep the night ahead.

If you’re a morning smoothie drinker, bag all of your fruits and veggies the night before, then stick the bag in your freezer.


When you wake up, dump the bag’s content in the blender, add in some liquid, and enjoy the amount of time you just saved.



When it comes to lunch, it’s a VERY smart idea to get this meal prepared the night before.

Especially if you’ve got on nice clothes and don’t want to compromise your outfit while making a sandwich.

If you’re at your job during lunch, it makes more economical sense to bring your lunch instead of eating out every day.

This also allows you to control what you eat and not resort to whatever fast food chain is closest. Great tip if you’re trying to watch your weight or eat healthier.


The “Tomorrow’s Stuff” Preparation

Don’t you just hate when you leave your house in the morning and forget that “important thing you said you wouldn’t forget” at home?

Here’s an all-star PRO TIP to never let that happen again:
Put everything you will need the next day as close to the front door as possible.


This should be “stuff” like:

  • The printouts for tomorrow’s presentation
  • Those tickets to the concert tomorrow evening
  • Your family member’s birthday gift
  • A package to be dropped off at the post office
  • Your car keys

I think you get the idea…

For a super fail-proof way to never forget anything every again, try putting the stuff you need in a bag.
Then, simply hang this bag on the door knob.


Now, you won’t be able to leave the house without touching this bag with all your important “stuff”.


The De-cluttering Preparation

This is also a great time to incorporate the concept of decluttering into your daily routine.

Building on to the “Put your stuff in a bag and hang it on your doorknob”, you can also include items you no longer want and are looking to give away as a donation or to someone else.

Here’s the general idea for this tip:
If you have something that will probably just sit in your home collecting dust, get the ball rolling on getting rid of it by moving it to the door.

As you leave the next day, you’ll see the item, and consciously decide on what to do with it.
After a good night’s sleep, you might actually be in the right mind to simply throw the item away.

Whatever you decide to do with this unwanted item… the point is you will be forced to make a decision about it.

Now, that’s one less thing to worry about.


In Conclusion…

Preparing on a successful tomorrow always starts the night before.

Hopefully, these going-to-bed habits have shed some light on how you can make the most out of your tomorrow, and gain much better sleep because of your efforts.

We know these aren’t the only “night-prep tips” out there.

If you have an evening ritual to make the next day 10 x easier, let us know in the comments below.

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