Productivity Tip- How to Prepare for Tomorrow

Prepare for Tomorrow with These Simple Hacks One of the best kept secrets all successful people know is to always prepare themselves for the next day. The truth is, if you set yourself up the night before, you're bound to have a much more successful and productive next day. In this post, we'll break down [...]

Top 5 Tips to Organize Your Office Space for Optimal Productivity

5 Productivity Tips to Organize Your Office Workspace When you organize your office, you boost productivity and credibility for yourself, your company, and your workplace environment as a whole. It's really that simple. For example; recent studies have shown your boss actually favors a neat and organized person for promotion over your peers. True story. "Favoritism" in the [...]

Study Reveals Cleaner Homes and Offices Lead to Cleaner Consciences

SCIENTIFIC FACT: Cleaner Offices Lead to Cleaner Consciences Scrubbing your bathroom and vacuuming the carpet could mean more than a spotless home — it could lead to a cleaner conscience. General cleanliness lends itself to ethical behavior, according to a new study, while feelings of disgust and uncleanliness were more likely to lead to immoral [...]